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Free period education classes in our local community- the cities and suburbs of Wellington (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western) including the Wairarapa Area.

Support and resources for individuals of all genders with Endometriosis /Mate kirikōpū or who menstruate.

Information and Resources: Offering information on managing endometriosis, treatment options, and lifestyle strategies.

Online live talks from specialists about Endometriosis.​

Formal letters to workplace management, specifically addressing requests for office equipment and office support.

Endometriosis koha workshops (in person and online).

Peer Support: Providing a platform for individuals with endometriosis to connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges.

Online support through private chat groups on our Facebook page.


information and workplace support to enhance awareness and understanding of Endometriosis/Mate kirikōpū. We also provide essential tips on how to support individuals dealing with Endometriosis/Mate kirikōpū both in their home and workplace environments."

Working with community spaces to have FREE period item pick up points

Organizing support groups for individuals to share their experiences and receive emotional support.

Tips and information daily via our social media platforms.


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